Work, business, stress

The race for survival in a mad world is a task to be physically, socially, psychologically, spiritually. Find stability and pacification, without losing efficiency and activity. Unite money, work, relationships, rest harmoniously. Learn and live. Live and learn.


A crisis. Depression. Spirituality

What lies behind the crisis and depression in the modern world? Why do I need all these trials and suffering? A full solution of the problem lies in the way out of the problem field. Knowing HOW and WHERE to go out, you will quickly understand WHAT and WHY you need to change.



What does loneliness want to say to me, very important? HOW I begin to understand it, be friends. Do not run away, do not be at enmity? Only deeply understanding the external or internal loneliness, I have a choice - to be in it or be outside of it. In both cases already enjoying.



(Русский) Анонсы событий - мастер классов, семинаров, выездных ретритов. Групповые занятия позволяют максимально погрузиться в атмосферу обучения, общения и перезагрузки судьбы.



Here are reflections, about the ordinary and the eternal, and their mutual intertwining. One does not exist without the other.

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